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Navigating Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, or Medicare Advantage Plans can be overwhelming.

Seniorstar Insurance is a licensed insurance agency in Central New Jersey & will help you narrow down your options & find a Medicare health plan that makes sense for you.

How Seniorstar Insurance is helping Medicare make sense to Middlesex & surrounding counties:

  • Help seniors sort through all of the Medicare mail they receive
  • Ease the transition to Medicare when leaving employer coverage
  • Explain the difference between Medicare health plan options
  • Make sure seniors aren’t paying too much for their medications
  • Hosts educational events on Medicare & other important topics
  • Conducts yearly no-cost review of current health plans
Senior Couple Sitting on couch facing insurance agent writing on clipboard
Senior Couple Sitting on couch facing insurance agent writing on clipboard

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“I cannot say enough good things about Jamie Sholom. He helped me so much and continues to reach out to me to make sure all is good. He took a very stressful situation & simplified it for me.”

Very professional & caring. Jamie explains everything in full detail. He is always just a phone call away. He had helped me tremendously with the whole set up for Medicare.

Kim P

Always answers my questions until I understand the information. Very helplful & patient. Always gets back to you ASAP if he missed your call. Highly reccommend.

Angela C

Jamie spent a lot of time with me. He provided excellent services to me in choosing the right plan for my Medicare.

I am particularly impressed with his responsiveness to my inquests. This probably the sole reason that I went with him. And he was also very patience with me.

Lilian G

Jamie is always professional, and takes his time to review all the questions I have so that I can make my decision.
He really cares, and has a lot of patience.
Thank you Jamie!

Casandra C

I was getting Medicare health insurance for the first time. I felt overwhelmed with all the information I was getting until a friend recommended Mr. Jamie Sholom. He patiently walked me through different companies that was compatible to my needs and allowed me to choose the company I liked the best. I’m looking forward to pass this recommendation to others. Thank you Mr. Sholom.

Carol O

I am so glad that I got in touch with Seniorstar Jaime. It is very helpful and guides me where I needed help…Thank you

Mina S

Jamie Sholom has provided advice and made suggestions to help both my wife and myself with understanding Medicare and choosing our supplementary insurance. He is extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of Medicare insurance and is always prepared with options. It was our pleasure working with him and feel confident having him as our agent. We will aways be in good hands.
Thank you once again

Robert R

I would highly recommend him. He is so helpful and patient . He always gets back to you ASAP. He is so thorough in helping you understand anything you may not know. Finds the best plans to suit your most important needs. I give Jamie a 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Angela C

I’m very pleased with services I’ve received from Seniorstar Insurance Group. Very knowledgeable Medicare information and services provided is in the best interest of the customer and not agency. I’d recommend them for anyone that is looking to joining Medicare.

Gina N

Jaime has been so helpful in decrypting the mystic experience of understanding the confusing world of Medicare; Advantage and Supplemental plans. Making the right choice is so important and Jaime explains it all and guides you through the application process. If you are not familiar with Medicare, you need an expert to guide you. He is a true professional that will address every one your questions and concerns.

Scott K

If you are new to Medicare, learn what steps you need to take to enroll in Part A & Part B by clicking here. Seniorstar Insurance can help you pick a Medigap and Part D Plan or a Medicare Advantage plan based on your medical & financial needs.

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