What is the Medicare Part B IRMAA?

February 16, 2023

What is the Medicare Part B IRMAA?

Original Medicare Part B, sometimes referred to as medical insurance, helps to cover the cost of outpatient care, ambulance services, mental health services, durable medical equipment, and other medically necessary doctor’s services.

For those enrolled in Original Medicare, the monthly premium for Original Medicare Part B is standardized. The standard premium (which most beneficiaries will pay) in 2023 is $164.90.

For individuals with a higher income, a charge called the IRMAA (Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount) is added to the Medicare Part B premium.

The IRMAA is determined annually by the Social Security Administration. They calculate whether or not you have to pay the IRMAA based on your annual income reported on your taxes from 2 years prior.

In 2023, those who filed single and made more than $97,000 annually or those married, filing jointly making more than $194,000 annually will have to pay the IRMAA. IRMAA is a different amount based on your income from there, and individuals can pay up to $560.60 monthly for Original Medicare Part B. The chart below shows how IRMAA increases across the income brackets.

If you feel the Social Security Administration’s tax amounts may need to be updated or corrected, you can file an appeal to have your IRMAA charge reduced or eliminated. Also, if you have a sudden life change affecting your annual income, this is another reason for filing an appeal. After receiving your notice of the change, you have 60 days to file an appeal.

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