From Educator to Medicare: A Seamless Transition Tale of Informed Choices

February 20, 2024

Meet Roger, a teacher with 40 years of service in the NJ School system. As retirement approached, Roger faced the daunting decision of whether he should transition to Medicare or stay on his NJ state-run teacher’s health plan, into retirement. He was uncertain how his retirement benefits would align with Medicare, prompting him to seek our guidance.

When we took a closer look at this with Roger, we discovered that Roger was in great shape. His retirement plan was tailored to cover the copays and deductibles that original Medicare, parts A & B, doesn’t cover, which effectively served as a Medicare supplement policy.

While we couldn’t help Roger with enrollment in any coverage that would be better than he already had, we were happy to clarify his options for him and are glad to have created another connection. At Seniorstar Insurance Group our goal is never just to enroll someone, it is to start a dialogue and to help equip the Medicare beneficiaries in our community with the knowledge needed to make informed healthcare decisions. Your best interest will always come before our need to close a sale.  In the end we also benefited from our connection with Roger because he soon referred a close friend and a relative to us who we enrolled in a variety of healthcare and retirement products

If you have any questions about Medicare or if you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. There is no obligation or fee and we will always give you the personalized attention you deserve,


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