Reevaluating Medicare: Charlene’s Journey After Her Sister’s Cancer

February 20, 2024

Three years ago, our client Charlene faced a pivotal moment in her healthcare journey. Initially content with her Medicare Advantage plan, a significant medical event experienced by her sister, Amanda, prompted Charlene to reassess her coverage. Amanda’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment under original Medicare with a Medicare supplement plan G showcased the stark differences in their coverage.

Thankfully, Amanda’s successful treatment, including surgery, a hospital stay, and inpatient rehab, incurred no out-of-pocket costs. Witnessing this, Charlene realized the potential financial burdens she could face under her current plan for similar circumstances.

Recognizing the importance of acting swiftly to secure a Medicare Supplement plan before facing potential medical underwriting challenges, Charlene approached us for guidance. Having already experienced some health issues, she was aware that securing coverage might not be straightforward. However, armed with our extensive local knowledge and a diverse range of contracts, we were determined to find the best possible solution.

Navigating through various options, we identified a few companies willing to accept our client despite their existing health issues. While the selected Medicare Supplement plan might not have been the least expensive in the market, it was undoubtedly the most cost-effective option available to them given her unique situation. Our ability to provide this level of flexibility stems from our deep-rooted understanding of the local healthcare landscape and the extensive contracts we maintain.

While Medicare Advantage remains optimal for many, Charlene’s experience underscores our commitment to listening to individual needs and providing comprehensive education on available Medicare options.

If you’re contemplating changes to your Medicare coverage, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


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