From Financial Strain to Comfort: A Couple’s Journey through Medigap Plans

February 21, 2024

If you are on Medicare already but are looking for ways to minimize your costs, the following study might interest you. We have clients, a married couple in their late 70’s, named Joe and Terry, who were happy with the plan G they were initially enrolled in. However, one year after Joe and Terry retired and transitioned to a fixed income, they started to feel burdened by the monthly premiums. It didn’t seem like their income was matching the increase in their monthly costs and they felt a tightening in their finances as a result. As part of their overall assessment in how to save money, Joe and Terry reached out to Ethan Sholom, VP of Seniorstar Insurance Group with their concerns to see if there were any options to save in their Medicare coverage.  They were seeking to duplicate their current insurance as closely as possible but at a lower monthly spend than they were paying at the time. This is where Ethan and Seniorstar came into their lives.   

Understanding the delicate balance between coverage and affordability, Ethan listened to what Joe and Terry said and assessed their needs accordingly.  Realizing that it was still vitally important for them to have complete freedom in choosing their medical providers, Ethan proposed moving them from their current Medigap plan G to Medigap plan N. He explained that while plan N has up to $20, copays for office visits, it offered enough of a reduction in their monthly premiums to make a difference. Ethan further explained that they were still just as protected for major hospital and outpatient expenses and could keep their existing providers. 

Furthermore, Ethan showed Joe and Terry that in addition to the lower monthly premiums, they would have more savings in plan N if they enrolled in the same insurance company by taking advantage of a 7% household discount. They had no idea this was possible. Joe and Terry were delighted when they were approved to move to a Plan N. They were so happy with Ethan’s know-how, and the personalized service Ethan provided that they immediately referred Seniorstar Insurance Group to their friends who had similar circumstances. This case study highlights the importance of getting personalized care from a Medicare agency, with the knowledge and ability to save you money without compromising your needs.


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